The Keymaster

It’s easy to forget that my dad is kind of famous. Easy because he’s not stopped-at-the-mall famous. In fact, unless you play Irish flute, you have probably never heard of him and never will. But to a curious subset of the world’s population, well, he’s kinda special. And I am very proud of him.

And hey, if a documentary gets made about your dad, you’re allowed to brag, right? You can join us in Charlottesville for the Virginia premier of Jem Moore’s brainchild, March 16th at 7pm. We’ll watch the film and celebrate at Cville Coffee.

Oh, and FYI, the aforementioned establishment makes these things called oaty snacks, or oat bites, or hmmm. I can’t actually remember what they are called. But they are as close as you are likely to get to nirvana without some serious meditation. Not kidding, your eyes will roll back in your head, and you may make a sighing noise. They are worth the trip even if we weren’t going to screen a film about awesome flutes and their awesome makers…


~ by matthew olwell on March 13, 2013.

2 Responses to “The Keymaster”

  1. Dear Matty,

    I can’t wait to see this doc!! Have a great premiere, and give my love to all the family.

    Costume parade for my Dream tonight. Seriously awesome designs. 🙂

    Love, Ali

  2. The Olwells r a remarkable family, very lucky to have known them. Always checking on the famous family’s news….up here in Maryland. Pam H.

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