Sorry I can’t come to the phone just now, I’ve had to pop off to the swings for a bit. You can email me at:

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3 Responses to “contact”

  1. Matthew, looks like you will be teaching bodhran 2 at Celtic week at warren Wilson college. My wife and I are planning to go too. I am playing my bodhran at two contra dances a month here in Wilmington , N.C. And whatever gigs we can get.
    I have collected a bunch of Afican hardwoods to make bodhran tippers. I really enjoy making my own tippers,I have been contacted by a music store in Ashville to make tippers for them to sell. I would like to turn a group of tippers that you like. What are you using and recommending ? I plan on a price of $12 to $30. With a range of thicknesses and weights.Maby some split sticks and a type of hot stick. I would appreciate any opinions and recommendations. I am looking forward to your class in the gazebo , even with noisie lawn mowers and rain. Thanks , Dave Storniolo

  2. Do you offer instructional videos for flat footing?

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