July, 2015

Maivish CD Cover.jpg

Maivish is the band I play with most often, and in 2015, we released our first album, Sunlight into Blue. It was a wonderful project to work on, recorded in Montreal in the winter if 2015. It is available here on CD Baby.

August 2010

New release by the Senior Dude In Residence, an extraordinary human and musician; Dan Isaacson (flute and bazouki.) Featuring Aaron Olwell on flute, fiddle and concertina, Danny Noveck on fiddle and guitar, Kelly Smit dancing, Matthew Olwell on feet, bodhran and cajon. A seasoned group of musicians brings you Irish music at it’s best, live from the kitchen, the parlor, the party at god knows what hour of the morning. Engineered and recorded by the most excellent Joebass DeJarnette to sound like you are sitting right inside the jam… Check it out at CD Baby.

“I’ve enjoyed this recording for many reasons. I’m familiar with Dan and his attitude to the music; the playing speaks of fun times, times past, present times, many rhythms that rhyme, composers and tunes old and new, beautiful melodies, connections, friendships, sharing and caring, old ways, lasting ways, from the heart to the heart, and all mentioned, passed on or living, present, with love and a smile. Thanks Dan, Kelly, Danny, Aaron, and Matthew.”
-Tommy Peoples



James Leva and Purgatory Mountain (Danny Knicely, Matthew Olwell and Al Tharp) blend old time, bluegrass and original mountain sound into a lush sonic dance party. Matthew plays feet, cajon, hambone, bodhran, brushes and other assorted implements of destruction. This, too is on CD Baby.

Fiery fiddling, thoughtful tunes, unabashed joy, reckless abandon and deep respect for traditionIn truth, the Big Mon would not only have crossed the street, but probably even driven across town to hear this transcendent and hypnotic quartet…
-Dave Higgs, Bluegrass Now
I loved the clawhammer sound on this CD, mixed with traditional folk, and mountain sound. James Leva is a wonderful, talented artist who has surrounded himself with very talented people on this CD.”
-Bill Davis


Hell on The Nine Mile~Witt’s End

The First and Only recording by one of our favorite bands. Tunes songs and and steps from Ireland to Appalachia to Quebec. Featuring Aaron and Matthew Olwell, Josephine Stewart, Meghan Madden, Cleek Shrey, Amanda Kawolski, Danny Knicely, and Yann Falquet.

You can listen to selected tracks on myspace

It’s gorgeous if you don’t mind us saying so and includes a booklet of extensive liner notes detailed enough to please even the most die-hard among you. (Aaaand probably act as a handy cure for insomnia for everyone else, but hey, it’s folk music…)

As of this writing this CD is only available direct from us: $18 (includes S&H) checks payable to Matthew Olwell

119 4th St Elkins, WV 26241


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