New Good Foot Promo Video

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New Choreography…

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Introducing “Leaning In,” a new dance piece created in collaboration with Emily Oleson.  Exploring weight-sharing and the seeking of compromise, the piece incorporates tap dance vocabulary and theatrical elements to show some behind-the-scenes glimpses of our creative process. Check the link to see what I have been up to in the Dance MFA program here at Temple University!


Celebrate Good Times, Come On…

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I’ve come to a Sudden and Startling Revelation, which is not so much a New Year’s resolution as it is a general life-idea (see earlier post about combating the winter blues)… Revelation as follows: holidays are awesome. We should be celebrating the *hell* out of them; with family, friends, food, and music; all the time—as a bold tactical decision to lead better, happier lives.

I’ve traditionally been kind of a grouch and/or lazy and unmotivated to “do” some holidays (I typically “forget” to plan a Halloween costume in advance, ensuring that I will either not dress up, or throw on a mask at the last-minute), but here’s the thing—and lets be real for a minute—everyday-life can be hard, depressing, and lonely. So my goal henceforth is to make a simple celebration out of whatever, however, whenever possible. It doesn’t have to be elaborate and the goal here is not to stress yourself out with more obligations, the point is to celebrate as often as possible, in a way that makes you feel good, with as many or as few people as you like, just to carve up the grind a bit and make things a little happier.

If it’s a problematic holiday like Thanksgiving, well… rewrite the script. Make it better. Have Indigenous People’s Day, or take your family to volunteer at a soup kitchen, or I don’t know, whatever. Make SOMETHING out of it. Maybe something new with a dash of something old thrown in for fun.

I am jumping on this idea immediately and planning a supper for twelfth night. My dad and stepmom are coming to visit and I’m going to cook something special. Feast of the Epiphany much? Yes, please.

Also, I’m going to keep listening to my Christmas music mix for at *least* a few more days.

Celabratory Glass of Bubbly

Flute-to-Text Poetry

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Who knew that making poetry out of flute tunes was so much fun? (Note, this also works with lilting. More on that later…)

Research Blog: Carolan

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This semester, I am completing my undergraduate degree in multimedia performance studies at Davis & Elkins College. As part of my thesis project, I have created a research blog in support of the performance portion of my studies. The latest post (an introduction to Turlough O’Carolan) is up now. You can read it here.

The Tantrum

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CyberTrad (Live!)

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Like so many others, I have been having a hard think about what happens now. Still seeking answers that may never come, but I am renewing my commitment to make art that is part of the solution, not the problem. I’m not wholly sure what directions this will take me in, I only know that complacency is the enemy.

Fortuitous perhaps, that I have something I care about so deeply to throw myself into right now. We are making stops in Baltimore, DC, and Charlottesville, as well as streaming the final show on Concert Window.  Hope you can join us this weekend, in person or remotely…

Friday in Baltimore:

Saturday in DC:

Sunday in Cville:

Sunday Concert Window: