Emily’s Article

My wife is awesome. An article she wrote for Dance USA just came out. You can read it here and here in two installments. It deals with the questioning of categories in dance and whether they are as distinct as we would like to believe. Is there such a thing as a distinction between “art dance,” “concert dance,” and “commercial dance?” What about “entertainment?” “Traditional?” Why are there so many “quote marks” in this post? We are left with more questions than answers…


~ by matthew olwell on December 9, 2012.

One Response to “Emily’s Article”

  1. Thanks Matt. So nice that you are proud of your wife too! You have a great family. She has put a great deal into her work and it is a great foundation. Katherine Dunham was the American icon that was instrumental in the “Black Dancer and Black Dance” being honored and respected on the American stage as well as around the world. This piece is a great place to start dialogue amoung young artist.
    Laurie Goux

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