taking pictures

Maybe I’ve always been a bit of a shutterbug. I can remember gleefully snapping away in highschool with a cheap little 35mm, and the joy with which I discovered the Polaroid, which subsequently documented a large chunk of my life. For whatever reason there’s something I find deeply satisfying about the whole process. From the sound of the shutter, to the enjoyment of capturing a moment for later memory, like a journal in pictures. But what I like best are those happy accidents; pictures which you could never plan out.

After a hailstorm at Pinewoods one summer, I caught sight of the above image while walking to dinner. Couldn’t quite believe my eyes. There’s something wonderful about the combination of colors and the liveliness of the mushroom surrounded by ice.

Anyway, here are some photos that I have very much enjoyed taking. More can be found by clicking the “photography” link in the toolbar.

I’m a sucker for color. I love the textures of the paint in this picture.

Wonderful contrasts in the above picture; of color, of shape, and especially the feeling that here, those who have passed on are surrounded by things both living and dead, and that life is not static, but is rather a state of continual change.

Recently I’ve become fascinated by footprints in concrete. It’s fun to imagine the formation of these modern day instant fossils. I enjoy the mental image of a dog out for a stroll, leaving behind a record of his footsteps.

I can’t pretend to understand even remotely what is going on in this photo. I’m just glad to have captured it for the record. If my brother ever runs for president, I hope this comes out. The expression on Lydia’s face says it all.

This was taken a couple of years ago at a church perched high amid the ruins of a pyramid in Cholula Mexico. My small child is provided for scale.

I love the religious iconography of Mexico and parts of South and Central America. There’s something wonderfully unexpected (to more northern eyes) about the combination of obvious reverence with gaudy colors and skeletons, right alongside more traditional fare.

Our last exhibit? Of course, like any parent, some subjects never get old.

Want to see these and more? Just click the menu button that says “photography.”

(All images copyright 2011 by Matthew Olwell.)

~ by matthew olwell on January 12, 2012.

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  1. Thanks for posting these your pics. Very much enjoyed them and look forward to more!— Michael Copeland

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